The Mox & Mermaid is a cosy little podcast about the collectible card game Magic the Gathering.

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❧ Recent Episodes ☙

Episode 5: Death of the Field

Field of the Dead is banned, Oko is ruining Standard, there’s a new Magic format to discuss and your host is finally back from his travels.

Episode 4: Knights Everywhere

Throne of Eldraine has arrived and it’s a beautiful set. Here’s an overview of how the new Standard environment is starting to shake out, plus some other observations on the set and miscellaneous news.

Episode 3: Eldraine Cometh

Throne of Eldraine launches on Magic The Gathering Arena today and there are some exciting things afoot for the launch. Also: Mono-Red Cavalcade is my favourite new deck.

Episode 2: The End of Hogaak's World

Today’s topics are the Hogaak ban, Reid Duke’s ascension to the Hall of Fame and the themes behind some really awesome Throne of Eldraine cards.