Episode 4: Knights Everywhere

Throne of Eldraine has arrived and it’s a beautiful set. Here’s an overview of how the new Standard environment is starting to shake out, plus some other observations on the set and miscellaneous news.

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Your Host: Fabian A. Scherschel

Nice to see you again! Come in, warm your feet at our fire and lets talk Magic The Gathering for a while.


My Throne of Eldraine order has finally arrived. Waiting for it delayed this episode a bit. Let’s do a Crack-a-Pack as pioneered by Limited Resources.

LSV wrote a first pick article for Daily MTG.

Eldraine Meta Game

Knight decks are definitely a big part of the Eldraine meta, as everyone expected. Personally, I’m really attracted to Mono-Black Aggro at the moment. But Mono-Red seems to have gotten a few nice upgrades as well.

Alternate Art Cards

I love all these alternate art cards in the set. The showcase cards are especially well done! The styling is just so beautiful.

Ponies, Nobles and Mystery boosters

A lot has happened since we’ve last seen each other. Let’s have a quick recap of the most interesting news.

And then there’s also the Noble rules update. They are confusing nobility with royalty, though.

Give Me Your Thoughts

Tiago Salvador Souza has been getting into Eldraine heavily too. He wants to try for complete set collection.

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